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Being There is the 21st episode of Season One of Ally McBeal.


Cage defends Renee against assault charges, a pregnancy test reveals that Georgia is pregnant.


As Cage prepares to defend Renee against assault charges, he accidentally bumps into Georgia, who drops a box. Ally bends down to pick it up-and notices it is a home pregnancy test. Ally almost instantly experiences a fantasy in which her face caves in.

In court, District Attorney Kevin Kepler questions Michael Rivers on the stand. Rivers describes how Renee invited him out on a date, 'oozing sex.' He then describes how he and Renee retired to her apartment, where Renee proceeded to kick-box him unconsciousness, leaving him with a concussion, fractured jaw and cracked vertebrae. On cross-examination, Cage points out that Renee asked Rivers to slow down when he became overly aggressive. But Rivers counters that his hands 'weren't going anywhere hers weren't.' Afterwards, Renee berates Cage for his performance in court, singling out his use of a clicker to raise objections and his shoes, which squeak when he walks. The elevator door opens and Glenn enters. He tells Ally he has been subpoenaed to testify against Renee in court. Later, Renee panics over Cage's defense strategy. But Ally assures her there is a purpose for his every action, no matter how bizarre. In court, Glenn describes how Ally slept with him only because she believed he was about to leave the country. He also describes how Ally and Renee 'penguined' him by pulling down his pants and stranding him on the street under the pretense of a sexual advance. Cage responds by kicking an incredulous Ally off the case. Later, Ally boards an elevator in which Glenn is riding. As a tiny elderly couple listen, the pair get into an argument over the 'penguin' incident, as well as the size of Glenn's sex organ.

Using the pregnancy kit, Georgia discovers she is pregnant. Not knowing quite how to react, she and Billy congratulate one another by shaking hands. When Ally learns the news, she fantasizes a missile shooting through her womb, leaving a big hole.

When Renee takes the witness stand to testify on her own behalf, Cage suddenly announces a change in plans. He tells the judge he will not examine her and rests his case. Later, Cage explains that the hostile Renee would not make for a good witness. He also believes that the opposing council put forth a terrific case. If he had chosen to put on a defense, it would have shown its weaknesses. Cage tells Ally she should chose a silly theme song to help her deal with the pain of Georgia and Billy having a child together. He recommends his own song, Lemon Tree. When Cage delivers his closing statement, he argues that Renee had every right to tell Rivers no when he attempted to make a sexual advance. He also opines she had every right to defend herself once Rivers, who is much larger in size, slapped her.

Ally chooses Wedding Bell Blues as her new theme song. At the office, the song plays in her head, and her inner world expands. Secretaries become singers, and Ally follows them inside the unisex bathroom, where they kick their legs out of the stalls. Billy walks in on a mortified Ally as she does her own dance in the stall. Ally tells Billy she is genuinely happy for him and his new life as a father.

Cage begins having second thoughts about his defense approach when the jury asks the judge if they need to find that Renee intended to cause the injuries inflicted upon Rivers. Later, back at the apartment, Ally tells Renee she wasn't protecting herself when she struck out at Rivers, but acted out of anger. She instead believes that Renee has a serious problem. The next morning, Renee admits she uses sex as a weapon. She explains that, when she was eleven-years-old, she was the first girl in her class to develop breasts. One day she discovered unflattering graffiti about herself in the boy's bathroom and she ran home crying. Her mother told her boys tease when they like someone. Ever since, she has used sex as power.

Billy is taken aback when Georgia informs him a blood test came back negative; the home pregnancy test, which is not 100 per cent accurate, gave a false positive. The pair attempt to deal with their emotions. Later, Billy finds Georgia weeping inside the bathroom. Georgia explains that even though she didn't want to be pregnant, when she found out she wasn't, she experienced a sense of loss.

Renee embraces Cage and Ally when the jury finds her not guilty.


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Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal
Courtney Thorne-Smith as Georgia Thomas
Greg Germann as Richard Fish
Lisa Nicole Carson as Renée Raddick
Jane Krakowski as Elaine Vassal
with Peter MacNicol as John Cage
and Gil Bellows as Billy Thomas

Guest starring

Isaiah Washington as Michael Rivers
Michael Easton as Glenn
Gibby Brand as Judge William McGough
Eric McCormack as Kevin Kepler