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Ally meets the firm's other founding partner - when she defends him on charges of soliciting a prostitute - and feels like a prostitute herself when Fish asks her to date a prospective client.


Ally finally meets the firm's other founding partner-John Cage-when Fish assigns her and Billy to defend Cage on charges of Cage soliciting a prostitute. At the hearing, Billy asks for a sidebar, and it becomes immediately clear that he and the judge know each other well. To Ally's shock, the judge drops the charges against Cage. That night, Ally dines with Fish, a prospective client Ronald Cheanie and 50- ish Whipper Cone, who turns out to be Fish's girlfriend. Ally realizes her own role is Cheanie's date and cannot help feeling like a prostitute herself. Later, on her way to the bathroom, Ally is shocked to see Cheanie kissing Whipper.

In the morning, Elaine explains that Judge Boyle attended Billy's bachelor party, at which both Billy and the judge partook of a prostitute's services. Ally immediately confronts Billy and he maintains the incident is inconsequential, because men can separate love and physical sex. Cheanie, who still has questions about the firm, asks Ally to have drinks with him. That night, Ally is still uncomfortable in front of Cheanie. When he expresses concerns about the firm's morals, Ally reveals she saw him kiss Whipper. She expects another 'guys will be guys' line, but discovers that Cheanie is as horrified by cheap sex as she is. Ally however still cannot help being attracted to him. Cheanie pecked Ally which she enjoys. In the morning, Ally still cannot believe she is attracted to Cheanie. At the office, Fish pops champagne and announces that Cheanie has signed on as a client. Ally, still uncomfortable, tells Fish about Cheanie kissing Whipper and Fish is devastated. Ally tells Billy about the situation and he wonders if he should tell Georgia about the bachelor party prostitute. Ally also finally confronts Whipper-who turns out to be a judge. Whipper says Cheanie's kiss was flattering, but nothing more. Later, Georgia asks Ally out to lunch. Cage makes an image-saving speech to the office staff, saying hiring a prostitute was more noble than using another woman for meaningless sex and everyone applauds except Ally. Billy starts to make his confession to Georgia, but Ally interrupts and keeps Billy from making a fool of himself. At lunch, Ally and Georgia talk about the differences between men and women.

To demonstrate, Georgia turns and offers sex to a strange man and he accepts. Ally thn tries it and is embarrassed when the 'stranger' turns out to be her brother's old roommate. Meanwhile, Whipper reveals that Fish has disappeared. They find him hiding in the office bathroom and Whipper apologizes to Fish. Finally, Ally convinces him to make up with Whipper. Billy asks why Ally cares so much about the pair. Ally says she needs to believe that love and 'couplehood' really work. Fish and Whipper finally reconcile and make out in a bathroom stall in the unisez. That night, Ally winds down by dancing at her favorite bar with the geeky but ever-present Dancing Twins.


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Ally: I think I need to believe that it works.
Billy: What works?
Ally: Love. Couple hood. Partnerships. The idea that when people come together, they stay together. I have to take that with me when I'm going to bed at night, even if I'm going to bed alone. That's a McBealism.


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Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal
Courtney Thorne-Smith as Georgia Thomas
Greg Germann as Richard Fish
Lisa Nicole Carson as Renée Raddick
Jane Krakowski as Elaine Vassal
and Gil Bellows as Billy Thomas

Special Appearances By

Peter MacNicol as John Cage
Dyan Cannon as Whipper Cone

Guest starring

Tate Donovan as Ronald Cheanie
Phil Leeds as Judge Dennis 'Happy' Boyle
Vonda Shepard as Herself