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Forbidden Fruits is the 16th episode of Season One of Ally McBeal.


The firm represents a U.S. Senator accused of breaking up his wife's former marriage; Ally's legal arguments about true love get her into trouble with Georgia and Billy.


Ally, Fish, Georgia, Billy and Cage plot a strategy for a very high profile case in which U.S. Senator James Foote is accused of breaking up his wife's former marriage. Everyone worries when Fish decides he will take the lead in the courtroom. Ally and Georgia also fret about their opposing counsel, Anna Flint, who has a reputation for charming juries and baiting her opposition.

As the first hearing begins, Ally meets Flint. Fish argues to Judge Steele that Senator Foote's case should be postponed because it will interfere with the man's ability to do his job. Fish also says that the Supreme Court's recent ruling in the Clinton-Jones case where a politician in office can be sued was a 'screw-up.' The judge however overrules and states the trial will begin the next day. After the ruling, Flint tells Ally that her skirt is too short and Ally responds with a matching insult. That night, as Ally and Renee watch news coverage of the case, Ally wonders just what her position really is on people who break up other people's marriages. The next day in court, Mrs. Foote's ex-husband testifies that their marriage was happy until the Senator began pursuing his wife. Ally argues that two people who fall in love cannot be blamed for that and that just admitting their feelings isn't necessarily an adulterous act. Georgia, noting the familiarity of the argument, confronts Billy about his lingering feelings for Ally. Georgia expresses her anger at both Billy and Ally, and walks off the case. Ally later finds her at the bar. Ally says she has never seen any sign that Billy would ever want to leave Georgia. Georgia asks Ally what would happen if Ally and Billy were stranded together on a desert island. Ally says 'nothing' but knows she is lying. Back in court, testimony centers on whether or not the Senator actively pursued the previous Mrs. Bepp. Cage argues that anyone can be overcome by a good piece of music and invite someone to dance. He demonstrates by playing a boombox and dancing with Ally. That night, Renee suggests Ally go into therapy to deal with her feelings for Billy. But Ally refuses, saying she likes 'being a mess.'

The next morning, before going back to court, Billy tells Ally that he has admitted to Georgia that he will always love Ally, but also says it doesn't compromise his love for Georgia. Billy also adds he and Georgia are seeing a therapist who wants to talk to Ally, however, Ally refuses. Georgia gets mad and shocks everyone by suggesting that Ally and Billy just get together for a night to get it out of their systems. Later, that night, Billy tells Georgia that he was insulted by her suggestion, saying the fact that he genuinely loved Ally only makes it easier for him to recognize the stronger love he has for Georgia, however, she doesn't buy it. Ally, at home in her own bed, senses she is being talked about.

The next day, in court, Flint's account of Senator Foote's courting techniques does make it sound like he actively pursued Mrs. Bepp. At lunch, Ally tells Renee that she won't even consider Georgia's offer much as she would like to. Back at the office, Georgia apologizes to Ally. Elaine tells Georgia that she should have an affair, to make Billy realize how much he really wants her. Back in court, Ally argues that if two people really love each other, they will end up together and that Senator Foote's current marriage is the sacred one. Billy tells Georgia he feels the same way about their marriage. The judge rules in favor of Foote. The Senator thanks Ally and so does Billy. Finally, everyone celebrates. But as Ally goes to bed that night, she cannot help but cling to the idea that Billy would rather be with her after all.


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Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal
Courtney Thorne-Smith as Georgia Thomas
Greg Germann as Richard Fish
Lisa Nicole Carson as Renée Raddick
Jane Krakowski as Elaine Vassal
with Peter MacNicol as John Cage
and Gil Bellows as Billy Thomas

Guest starring

Dina Meyer as Anna Flint
J. Patrick McCormack as Senator Foote
Marty Rackham as Joe Bepp
Gary Bullock as Judge Kenneth Steele
Andrew Bloch as Colson