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File:2001 SAG Awards - Robert Downey Jr. 01.jpgFile:2001 SAG Awards - Robert and Lucy 01.jpgFile:2001 SAG Awards - Robert and Lucy 02.jpg
File:2001 TCA Winter - Portia de Rossi 01.jpgFile:2001 TCA Winter - Portia de Rossi 02.jpgFile:201.png
File:2015 TV Land Awards - Ally McBeal Cast 01.jpgFile:2015 TV Land Awards - Ally McBeal Cast 02.jpgFile:2015 TV Land Awards - Calista Flockhart 01.jpg
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File:612549990.jpgFile:ALLY MCBEAL Wins Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy Archive 1999File:ALLY McBEAL
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File:Ally-mcbeal-calista-flockhart-1.jpgFile:Ally McBeal, The Bar and The Music ActsFile:Ally McBeal -- Previously On...
File:Ally McBeal - Cast-The Bar.pngFile:Ally McBeal - John & Nelle under the MistletoeFile:Ally McBeal - John Cage Scream
File:Ally McBeal - John Cage Screams In TrialFile:Ally McBeal 10997 TV PromoFile:Ally McBeal 1999 Tv Promo
File:Ally McBeal and The Unisex BathroomFile:Ally McBeal wins GG 1998File:Ally Mcbeal - John Cage Birthday Present Barry White
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File:ET Reunites With the Casts of 'Ally McBeal', 'Freaks and Geeks' & More at the TV Land Awards!File:Elaine-Richard-John 1.jpgFile:Elaine-Richard-John 2.jpg
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File:Forum new.gifFile:Fox Ally McBeal Promo - January 23, 1998File:Fox Ally McBeal Promo 2 - January 23, 1998
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File:I Will Survive.jpgFile:In Dreams.jpgFile:In Search of Pygmies.jpg
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File:Making Spirits Bright.jpgFile:Mark.jpgFile:Mark Newman.jpg
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File:Only the Lonely.jpgFile:Out in the Cold.jpgFile:Over the Rainbow.jpg
File:Peter MacNicol.jpgFile:Peter MacNicol wins 2001 Emmy Award for Supporting Actor in a Comedy SeriesFile:Peter Macnicol DVD 1.jpg
File:Pilot.jpgFile:Portia De Rossi SAG awards 1999 Ally Mcbeal WinFile:Portia de Rossi - Singing and Dancing
File:Portia de Rossi DVD 1.jpgFile:Portia de Rossi DVD 2.jpgFile:Portia de rossi.jpg
File:Portia de rossi - 1999 golden globe awards arrivalFile:Portia de rossi arriving at emmy awards 1999File:Prime Suspect.jpg
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File:Robert Downey Jr wins Golden Globe for Ally McBealFile:Sample.jpgFile:Saving Santa.jpg
File:Seeing Green.jpgFile:Seven Network - Promo - The Practice meets Ally McBealFile:SexLiesPol.jpg
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