Ally Mcbeal 1

Season One

The first season of the television series Ally McBeal commenced airing in the United States on September 8, 1997, concluded on May 18, 1998, and consisted of 23 episodes. It tells the story of Ally McBeal, a young lawyer who found herself without a job after being sexually harassed by her boss, only to end up employed by her friend from college, Richard Fish, to work in the firm he created with his friend John Cage, named "Cage & Fish."


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No Name Description
1 Pilot Ally McBeal, a recent graduate from Harvard Law school is harassed at work by a senior associate. After being fired for complaining she runs into a former classmate Richard Fish, however she receives the shock of her life when she finds out her childhood sweetheart, Billy Thomas, is an associate at the firm.
2 Compromising Positions
3 The Kiss
4 The Affair
5 One Hundred Tears Away
6 The Promise
7 The Attitude
8 Drawing the Lines
9 The Dirty Joke
10 Boy to the World
11 Silver Bells
12 Cro-Magnon
13 The Blame Game
14 Body Language
15 Once in a Lifetime
16 Forbidden Fruits
17 Theme of Life
18 The Playing Field
19 Happy Birthday, Baby
20 The Inmates
21 Being There
22 Alone Again
23 These Are The Days
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