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Season 3 of American series Ally McBeal aired on FOX television network.


Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal
Courtney Thorne-Smith as Georgia Thomas
Greg Germann as Richard Fish
Lisa Nicole Carson as Renée Raddick
Jane Krakowski as Elaine Vassal
Portia de Rossi as Nelle Porter
Lucy Liu as Ling Woo
with Peter MacNicol as John Cage
and Gil Bellows as Billy Thomas
Vonda Shepard as Herself

Recurring Cast

Celebrity Guest Appearances

Guest starring
Gerry Becker as Attorney Myron Stone (3 episodes)
Brad Wilson as Harold (3 episodes)
William Stanford Davis as Jim (3 episodes)
Jason Gedrick as Joel (2 episodes)
Tracy Middendorf as Risa Helms (2 episodes)
Ray Walston as Minister Breyer ("Car Wash")
Edith Varon as Joel's Mother ("Car Wash")
Richmond Shepard as Joel's Father ("Car Wash")
Lillian Byrd as Mrs. Helms ("Car Wash")
Alec Murdock as Mr. Helms ("Car Wash")
Freeman Michaels as Daniel ("Car Wash")
Heidi Mark as Alice Gaylor ("Buried Pleasures")
Dee Wallace Stone as Gail Clarkson ("Buried Pleasures")
Paula Newsome as Phyllis Butters ("Buried Pleasures")
Michael Kagan as Robert Perry ("Buried Pleasures")
Victoria L. Kelleher as Helen Fischer ("Buried Pleasures")
Nancy Stephens as Judge Washington ("Buried Pleasures")
Tom Kemp as Foreman ("Buried Pleasures")
Betty White as Dr. Shirley Flott ("Seeing Green")
Nicki Lynn Aycox as Kim Puckett ("Seeing Green")
Holmes Osborne as Principal Figgins ("Seeing Green")
Al Green as Himself ("Seeing Green")
Gladys Knight as Herself ("Seeing Green")
Keegan de Lancie as Kirby Gallin ("Seeing Green")
Marnie Mosiman as Marcia Gallin ("Seeing Green")
Tim Snay as Walter Gallin ("Seeing Green")
Wylie Small as Mrs. Puckett ("Seeing Green")
Brian Evers as Mr. Puckett ("Seeing Green")
Ashlee Turner as Julie ("Seeing Green")
Aaron Lustig as Attorney Bowe ("Heat Wave")


1 Car Wash
Ally appeals to minister to marry unfaithful bride until she learns the groom is the man she has anonymous sex with in carwash.
2 Buried Pleasures
Billy and Renée represent a women being sued by her co-workers for being sexually provocative.
3 Seeing Green
Nelle & Cage intervene when a boy is suspended for an unwanted kiss. Ally refuses drugs from her therapist.
4 Heat Wave
Ally is sued by the person who's wedding she objected to.
5 Troubled Water
Ally learns that Georgia kissed her father and of her mother's and father's infidelities.
6 Changes
Billy and Cage represent a woman who claims her employees sexually harassed her after she slept with her boss and, despite her lack of experience, became editor-in-chief of a magazine.
7 Saving Santa
Cage and Georgia face off over fired Santa; Ally intercedes to get Billy & Georgia to talk.
8 Blue Christmas
Elaine finds an infant in a manger and petitions for custody; Ally sings a sexy tune at Christmas party.
9 Out in the Cold
Ally dates a homeless man; Ling is arrested for running an escort service for teen boys.
10 Just Friends
Ally has a dream involving John and him being 'the one'. Elaine goes on a blind date.
11 Over the Rainbow
Georgia sues firm for contributing to the break up of her marriage.
12 In Search of Pygmies
Ling represents a friend being kicked out of a nursing home. Ally dumps a guy she met by hitting his car because of his awful laugh.
13 Pursuit of Loneliness
Ally is asked out by her coffee bar barista who turns out to be a judge who is bisexual.
14 The Oddball Parade
Ally enters a contest to perform with Tina Turner. Cage & Fish represent employees fired because they're oddballs.
15 Prime Suspect
Cage and Fish represent an oddball from episode 14 who is accused of killing his boss.
16 Boy Next Door
A man claims that his wife’s extensive cosmetic surgery is grounds for an annulment. Cage becomes stuck in an elevator.
17 I Will Survive
Ally deals with loss.
18 Turning Thirty
Ally reacts to her 30th birthday. Cage and Albert represent a woman accused of smothering her elderly husband with her breasts.
19 Do You Wanna Dance?
After having cybersex with a stranger she met online, Ally arranges to meet her "lover" face-to-face. A man sues his best friend for sleeping with his wife.
20 Hope and Glory
Nelle leaves firm and schemes to take Elaine and client files.
21 Ally McBeal: The Musical, Almost
Ally's parents react to meeting Brian. John's birthday is full of surprises.