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Season 2 of American series Ally McBeal aired on FOX television network. Between the airing of episodes 16 and 17 there was a TV special of The Life and Trials of Ally McBeal hosted by Bill Maher.



Special Appearances By

Jesse L. Martin as Dr. Greg Butters (9 episodes)
Dyan Cannon as Whipper Cone (6 episodes)
Tracey Ullman as Dr. Tracey Clark (2 episodes)
John Ritter as George Madison (2 episodes)
Richard T. Jones as Matt Griffin (2 episodes)
Al Green as Himself (2 episodes)
Wayne Newton as Harold Wicks ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
David Ogden Stiers as Judge Andrew Peters ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
Rob Schneider as Ross Fitzsimmons ("Happy Trails")
Mark Linn-Baker as Sheldon Maxwell ("Making Spirits Bright")
Haley Joel Osment as Eric Stall ("Angels and Blimps")
Barry White as Himself ("Those Lips, That Hand")
Tony Shalhoub as Albert Shepley ("Those Lips, That Hand")
Rosie O'Donnell as Dr. Hooper ("Let's Dance")
Michael Gross as Mr. Volpe ("Only The Lonely")
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy ("Let's Dance")

Recurring Cast

Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh (7 episodes)
Guest starring
Jennifer Holliday as Lisa Knowles (3 episodes)
Gerry Becker as Attorney Myron Stone (3 episodes)
Lee Wilkof as District Attorney Nixon (3 episodes)
Wendy Worthington as Margaret Camaro (3 episodes)
J. Karen Thomas as Karen Martin-Gray (2 episodes)
Harrison Page as Reverend Mark Newman (2 episodes)
Shawn Michael Howard as Ben (2 episodes)
LaTanya Richardson as Attorney Yvette Rose (2 episodes)
Richard Lee Jackson as Jason Tresham ("The Real World")
Caitlin Dulany as Laura Jewell ("The Real World")
Susan Krebs as Judge Lee Kensington ("The Real World")
James Sutorius as Daley's Attorney ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
Mark Metcalf as Attorney Walden ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
Tim Thomerson as Mr. Daley ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
Stuart Pankin as Mr. Handy ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
Marty Levy as TV Announcer ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
Kayren Ann Butler as Jody Silverman ("Fools Night Out")
Lydia Look as Leigh Woo ("Fools Night Out")
Claudette Nevins as Ms. Hollings ("It's My Party")
Josh Evans as Oren Koolie ("Story of Love")
Kristin Dattilo as Laura Payne ("Story of Love")
Eric Christmas as Judge Maynard Snipp ("Story of Love")
Natasha Gregson Wagner as Hannah Puck ("Story of Love")
Kellie Waymire as Chrissa ("Worlds Without Love")
Jessica Harper as Sister Helen ("Worlds Without Love")
Phil Leeds as Judge Dennis 'Happy' Boyle ("Happy Trails")
Melanie Chartoff as Joanne Poole ("Happy Trails")
John Fleck as Attorney Spicer ("Happy Trails")
Louis Giambalvo as Harold Jordan ("Happy Trails")
Justin Theroux as Raymond Brown ("Just Looking")
Tony Plana as Judge Warren Figueroa ("Just Looking")
Christine Ebersole as Marie Stokes ("Just Looking")
Eric Scott Woods as Jack Clooney ("Just Looking")
Reese Selley as Fireman ("Just Looking")
Bob Glouberman as Wally Pike ("You Never Can Tell")
Murray Rubin as Seymore ("You Never Can Tell")
Michael Reilly Burke as Mr. Wells ("You Never Can Tell")
Neil Giuntoli as Ralph Witton ("You Never Can Tell")
Larry Brandenburg as Judge Raynsford Hopkins ("You Never Can Tell")
John de Lancie as Jackson Poile ("Making Spirits Bright")
Eileen Ryan as Bria Tolson ("In Dreams")
James Greene as Father Robert McNamara ("In Dreams")
Joel Polis as Attorney Woodson ("In Dreams")
Sam Anderson as Mark Harrison ("In Dreams")
Lisa Thornhill as Kimberly Goodman ("Love Unlimited")
Caroline Aaron as Laura Dipson ("Love Unlimited")
Vyto Ruginis as Mr. Goodman ("Love Unlimited")
Francesca P. Roberts as Judge Cynthia Harris ("Love Unlimited")
Christopher John Fields as Mr. Goodman's Attorney ("Love Unlimited")
Joel Brooks as Dr. Hubbell ("Love Unlimited")
Mary Mara as Julie Stall ("Angels and Blimps")
Randy Oglesby as Harvey Kent ("Angels and Blimps")
Talia Balsam as Sheila Kent ("Angels and Blimps")
Gary Graham as Rodney Wilcox ("Angels and Blimps")
H. Richard Greene as Judge Paul Stewart ("Angels and Blimps")
Fred Sanders as Dr. Burns ("Angels and Blimps")
Keith MacKechnie as Arthur Gale ("Angels and Blimps")
Conor O'Farrell as Attorney Jordan ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Peter Birkenhead as Steve ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Kenneth Kimmins as Mr. Forsley ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Larry Brandenburg as Judge Raynsford Hopkins ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Bruce Nozick as Attorney ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Paul Perri as Attorney Serrano ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Lauren Bowles as Callie Horne ("Pyramids on the Nile")
Zach Grenier as Attorney Benson ("Sex, Lies and Politics")
Peter White as Senator Harold Watkins ("Sex, Lies and Politics")
Linda Gehringer as Shirley Peterson ("Sex, Lies and Politics")
Robert Costanzo as George Chisholm ("Civil War")
Anson Mount as Kevin Wah ("Civil War")
Carmen Argenziano as Harry Wah ("Civil War")
Kurt Fuller as Bernard Marsh ("Civil War")
Gibby Brand as Judge William McGough ("Civil War")
Maria Pitillo as Paula Hunt ("Civil War")
Paul Willson as Ross Feinman ("Those Lips, That Hand")
Tony Campisi as Joseph ("Those Lips, That Hand")
Dr. Joyce Brothers as Dr. Joyce Brothers ("Those Lips, That Hand")
Jody Wood as Officer Kent ("Those Lips, That Hand")
Brad Blaisdell as Dr. Alfonso Moreno ("Those Lips, That Hand")
David Dukes as Johnson Biblico ("Let's Dance")
Kate McNeil as Marianne Harper ("Let's Dance")
Debra Christofferson as Vicky Sharpe ("Only The Lonely")
Bruce McCarty as Attorney Calvern ("Only The Lonely")
Jennifer Rhodes as Gladys Claven ("Only The Lonely")
Susan Blommaert as Judge Fox ("Only The Lonely")
Ashley Gardner as Martha Claven ("Only The Lonely")
Gabrielle Ford as Casey ("Only The Lonely")
Mary McDonough as Attorney Gloria Stepp ("Only The Lonely")
Noelle Evans as Miss Tyler ("Only The Lonely")
Antonio Sabato Jr. as Kevin Wyatt ("The Green Monster")
Christine Estabrook as Bonnie Mannix ("The Green Monster")
Sara Botsford as Attorney Post ("The Green Monster")
Denis Arndt as Michael Mannix ("The Green Monster")
Barbara Alyn Woods as Kelly Philbrick ("Love's Illusions")
Anne-Marie Johnson as District Attorney Foster ("Love's Illusions")
Paul Bartel as Doctor ("Love's Illusions")
Robert Picardo as Barry Philbrick ("Love's Illusions")


1 The Real World
Ally finds herself attracted to an eighteen-year-old while Cage & Fish considers hiring an attorney whom Cage finds attractive
2 They Eat Horses, Don't They?
A client sues a radio shock jock for contributing to sexual harassment at her workplace while Cage defends a restaurateur who fed a customer horse meat.
3 Fools Night Out
Ally plays mediator when a minister breaks up with his church’s choir singer. A client sues a plastic surgeon’s nurse for misrepresenting her natural breasts as implants.
4 It's My Party
A judge holds Ally in contempt when she disregards his instructions not to wear short skirts in court. An editor for a feminist magazine is fired for being of the Baptist faith.
5 Story of Love
Ally defends a woman who threw her best friend into a garbage canister after learning she had stolen away her boyfriend. An accident befalls Cage’s beloved frog.
6 Worlds Without Love
A nun sues for damages after she is fired for breaking her vow of celibacy. Renée reconnects with someone from her past. Cage’s once-thought-dead frog reappears.
7 Happy Trails
The attorneys react when Judge Boyle suddenly drops dead. A woman with orange-colored skin sues her employer for wrongful termination. Elaine urges Ally to give a persistent and unwanted suitor "the dump." More bad luck besets Stephan the frog.
8 Just Looking
Cage and Fish go undercover at Ling’s mud wrestling club; Ally gets stuck in the unisex toilet while Georgia finds herself attracted to a man she once dated.
9 You Never Can Tell
As Thanksgiving approaches, Ling sues an employee for having sexual thoughts about her. Ally goes to court with her fingers stuck in a bowling ball.
10 Making Spirits Bright
As Christmas approaches, Fish's biggest client is fired from his job after he sees a unicorn while Renee and Matt's relationship heats up.
11 In Dreams
An ailing woman who prefers living in her dreams seeks a court order that would force a hospital to place her in a coma. Ling informs Fish that Nelle has tired of Cage’s lack of sexual aggressiveness.
12 Love Unlimited
Ally represents a woman whose husband wishes to annul their marriage on the grounds that he is a 'sexaholic' and was incompetent when he agreed to go through with the wedding.
13 Angels and Blimps
A young leukemia sufferer wishes to sue God. Fish and Cage defend a client accused of attempted murder.
14 Pyramids on the Nile
A company fires two employees for breaking its "date and tell" office policy. Billy grows jealous when he sees Greg and Ally kissing. Ling asks Fish to hire her as counsel.
15 Sideshow
Ally consults Tracy for advice now that she and Billy have kissed.
16 Sex, Lies and Politics
Cage and Ling represent a bookstore owner who was driven out of business by a politician who claimed that the store sold pornography. Ally and Billy deal with the aftermath of their kiss.
17 Civil War
Ally and Cage face off against Fish and Georgia when the firm represents both sides of a date rape case; Nelle represents a sweaty client in trouble with the IRS.
18 Those Lips, That Hand
Ally defends a man accused of murdering his wife by cutting off her hand. Billy and Georgia represent a life insurance salesman who lost his job because of his bad comb-over.
19 Let's Dance
Cage, Fish and Nelle defend a law firm that allegedly withheld a female employee’s partnership offer after she became pregnant; Ling substitutes for Elaine’s partner in a dance contest; Billy and Georgia attend therapy.
20 Only the Lonely
A slightly overweight woman claims her employer’s policy of allowing workers to wear bathing suits to work amounts to sexual harassment. Elaine is accused of stealing the idea for the face bra from a dead cousin.
21 The Green Monster
Ally hires a male escort in hopes of making Greg jealous; Fish and Cage represent a woman who destroyed her husband’s most cherished possessions after she discovered he was having an affair. Billy objects to Georgia’s revealing attire.
22 Love's Illusions
Ally’s fantasies interfere with her lawyering, prompting fears that she may be losing her mind; a man who believes his wife never loved him sues for fraud. Fish experiences impotency as he and Ling are about to make love.
23 I Know Him by Heart
Ally decides to take a more aggressive approach in her search for a mate; a lesbian who wants to have a baby sues her insurance company when it refuses to cover the fertilization process; Nelle feels threatened by the relationship Cage shares with Ally.


‘Ally’ Returns to All That Attention (LA TIMES • SEPTEMBER 1998)