Ally finds Stefan sitting on a toilet seat who then proceeds to jump into her hair. John then takes Stefan back to his office, telling Richard he has had him 6 years.

Stefan accidentally got flushed down the toilet when John used his automatic flusher. John holds a memorial for him in the office.

Later on, he managed to jump out of the toilet bowl but he startled Georgia who was on the toilet at the time. She then threw Stefan at Nelle and back and forth. He was thrown into the toilet stall door as Richard opened it up and he went into a coma.

Eventually, Stefan awakes from the coma as John is swinging a book and accidentally whacks him across the room. However, he survives. They go out to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate, but the waiter misunderstands and they use Stefan as the main course, followed by John, Ling, Richard and Nelle eating him.

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